Blog: Sex, Money and Real Estate

050: God Help Us, We Have Two Teenagers in the House!

Wed, 02 Dec 2020 -

Yes, it's true - Bill & Nancy now have 2 teenagers living in their home!! How the heck did this happen? Hear from Lucas Jamison himself on his birthday as he is interviewed by Bill & Nancy on many topics including his view on life, advice for other kids and how having pets, and losing them, has taught him about love. This is the most endearing episode to date. :)


049: Prospecting With Gratitude

Mon, 23 Nov 2020 -

Today Bill Jamison is talking about prospecting with gratitude, and he gives you some ideas for showing your clients and partners gratitude during this time of year.


048: The Ultimate Year-End Financial Review to Live Your Best Life

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 -

Phew...what a year 2020 has been!! Who is ready to say goodbye 2020 and HELLO 2021?!? Before you do that, check out the latest episode where Bill & Nancy deep dive into their relationship with Money with their ultimate year-end financial review to live your best life! This list began after their Bankruptcy (See Episode 002) and has grown steadily over the last 11 years incorporating advice from their coaches, books and workshops they’ve attended. The comprehensive list includes reviewing cash flow & expenses, taxes, insurance, estate planning, investments & retirement. Remember, Bill & Nancy are NOT CPAs, wealth managers or attorneys yet they are very open about where & how their money flows and happy to share any resources that you feel are beneficial to your relationship with money.


047: Taking a Solo Vacation When Married: Healthy or Selfish?

Wed, 11 Nov 2020 -

Taking a solo vacation - is that healthy or selfish?

This is an interesting question!

Listen to how Nancy & Bill navigate through this conversation as Bill has just returned home from his first solo vacation.

What was the thought process leading up to leaving for vacation? Where did he go? Why did he choose that city? What did Bill learn about himself & what’s true for him now that he has returned?

Nancy dug deep into these questions and much more about the reasoning beyond the solo vacation, how that impacted their business, family & marriage.


046: Abundant Love, the New Sexual Health

Tue, 03 Nov 2020 -

Question for you...Are your most intimate relationships (sexual and otherwise) creating healing, empowerment and joy within you?

We have a podcast about Sex, Money & Real Estate where each week we bring healthy mindset practices, tools and resources about co-creating, cultivating and nourishing Joyous, Abundant, Mature relationships...because we believe in the possibility of having super successful intimate relationships while having a super successful real estate business!! We call that putting J.A.M. on the Bread! 

This week's episode is a deep dive into a VERY intimate & mature sexual practice that we believe in... one that continues to create opportunities within us as individuals, and as a couple, for personal growth, healing and transformation.  This is US, sharing very candidly about our lovestyle that is synergistic, dynamic, fluid, and ever-evolving - its a new paradigm in which to view healing, empowerment, joy, health, sex, wellness, relationship, love, creativity, wealth and we call it ABUNDANT LOVE.