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035: How to WIN a Multiple Offer Scenario in Today's Market

Mon, 10 Aug 2020 -

Today’s real estate market is CRA-CRA, full of uncertainty with the current geo-political environment, teeming with emotional buyers & not enough inventory. For sure if you haven’t encountered a multiple offer situation yet, you will soon! Check out Bill & Nancy’s best practices & strategies for WINNING a multiple offer situation where everyone turns out a winner. Be sure to listen ‘til the end for the super secret sauce!



034: How Having a Mission Statement is Your North Star

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 -

Without question, having a personal mission statement independent of each other has been one of Bill & Nancy’s super powers, often the #onething that moves them out of a breakdown into a breakthru! According to Covey, “If you create a 7 Habits mission statement that centers around your values at the core of who you are and who you want to be, it will guide you through the many phases and changes in your life. In fact, crystallizing the changeless core of who you are actually helps you adapt to change, because it reinforces such a secure sense of self that you won’t be threatened by changes around you.” Be sure to listen ‘til the end!


033: 10 Symptoms YOU are in Denial

Mon, 27 Jul 2020 -

You are in denial. She is in denial. He is in denial. Everyone is in some form of denial. In fact, it's not if you are in’s when will the denial rear its ugly head! Bill & Nancy share the 10 symptoms of denial and navigate this very confronting conversation through the minefields, ie “mind” fields. WATCH OUT! The ego will throw everything it can at you to prove its right & defend its existence!


032: What Does it Mean to "Need a Break"?

Mon, 20 Jul 2020 -

“Needing a Break” is not what you think. You’re business flows from your personal life. If your personal life is working & playing at a high level & in harmony, your business is as well. They are intertwined, forever connected. So when you start hearing yourself say, “it's time for a break”, “I need a break” or “we need a break” - it’s an illusion. There is no break. Find out Nancy & Bill utilize production & production capability (P/PC) to sustain Balance in their personal life & business. These tools will mitigate that victim conversation!!


031: Why are You Breaching Your Fiduciary Duty?

Mon, 13 Jul 2020 -

This episode started off one way and took a dramatic turn very quickly! Hear how Bill & Nancy unwrap & get to the root of one of the questions they get asked the most by listeners, the JamFam Facebook group, clients, family & friends. Below is the actual listener email:

Hi Bill & Nancy...thank you so much for your show and bringing these issues to light. This is difficult for me to tell you about and I wasn't going to yet, something has to change! We are commingled in our business and personal money. We live commission check to commission check. We do not have a budget. We are paralyzed and overwhelmed...Where do we begin??