A Night Full of Community, Connection & Laughter at The Basement Improv Show

A Night Full of Community, Connection & Laughter at The Basement Improv Show

published on March 12, 2019 by Bill Jamison - Jamison & Co.

At Jamison & Co., we highly value the ideas of community and connection. In fact, our intention for 2019 is CONNECTION! We believe that life is often about building and maintaining amazing relationships with those around us. And that’s one of the reasons we value our clients so greatly. The real estate process should be with people you can trust and people who are transparent… and maybe even with those you can share a laugh with, too!

That’s why we took to The Basement Theatre for Comedy Improv night with Jamison & Co. clients to celebrate the kickoff of our new Happenings Series! It was an evening filled with belly laughs and togetherness as we all squeezed into a tiny black room tucked away in the basement theatre of a small Roswell Road office building. This underground improv show had no shortness of community and connection, that’s for sure!

Each scene was made up on the spot based on input from audience members. The cast comprised of four corky gentleman who used their improv skills to keep us rolling with laughter all night long. From the moment the lights went dark, every person in the room - from front row to back row - was also a cast member. Atlanta’s own Baton Bob, gloriously attended & enjoyed the show!'

The four men, led by a jokester named J Star, all hopped from scene to scene dependent on whatever a little piece of paper directed them to do. They would pull the paper from a red bucket and then turn to us for more direction. Audience members would take them from newsrooms to mountaintops and even Disney World - all creating comical interactions that made no sense but somehow all tied together in comedic perfection. It really felt like everyone in the room was a part of one giant family -  giggling together, wiping tears from the corner of our eyes, and taking in every bit of the silliness floating through the air.

It was the perfect start to the Jamison & Co. Happenings Series. The series will be sprinkled in throughout the year to allow for ongoing relationship building and connection between us and our amazing clients. Personally, we feel these events are much more memorable & enjoyable than the traditional closing gift, ie a bottle of wine, welcome mat or cleaning bucket.

As we continue to connect and build relationships within the Jamison & Co. community, we also fully intend to give back to the community around us. During each Happening, we will accept donations of giving back. The donation for Improv Comedy night was in honor of children in need this winter season.

Where are some of your favorite places to connect in Atlanta? Comment below so we can get ideas for upcoming Happenings!

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