Fantastic May Stats

Fantastic May Stats

published on June 29, 2017 by Bill Jamison - Jamison & Co.



It's that time again… time for MAY STATISTICS! We are so thankful for another wonderful, fulfilling, abundant month at Jamison & Company and Keller Williams Realty. Our Metro Market overview is proof that with team work and a conscious effort to make dreams come true, you can accomplish so many empowering things. May was another outstanding month, and we are pumped to share all of the exciting details with you.


The first chart is the breakdown of statistics for single family detached residences. It shows the number of listings active in each price bracket, as well as the number of closings for the last 3 months. The graph also shows the percentage of short sale, foreclosure, and distressed closings for the Atlanta marketplace. As revealed by the graph, the median sale price of listings in each bracket remains very close to listing price which is exceptional.

The second chart is a detailed breakdown of the statistics for condos and town homes in the Atlanta marketplace. This image also reveals the number of active listings in each price bracket, along with the number of closings in the last 3 months. The percentage of short sale, foreclosure, and distressed closings for the marketplace are revealed via chart number 2 as well. Similar to single family homes, the sale price of condos and town homes remains very close to the listing price of each property. In fact, the percentage of listings closed for asking price is a little bit higher in this category of properties!

At Jamison & Company, we are so thankful to be a part of the Keller Williams family. We are inspired by our fellow realtors, and we love our Atlanta community. It has been an awesome year already, and we are looking forward to incredible things happening in the months to come!



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