Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

published on July 20, 2017 by Bill Jamison - Jamison & Co.




At Jamison & Company, we are passionate about connecting with our community and new faces stepping onto the scene. Atlanta is constantly changing and growing business by business, family by family. It’s important to our team that newcomers feel a since of community and support, so this week, we would like to give a shout out to an amazing ice cream parlor joining our vibrant city.

Summer heat + chilly treats= everything wonderful about this time of year, and The Ice Kitchen is prepared to bring all of the delicious, frosty flavors we love straight to us this season. Not only do they deliver tasty, frozen goodies, but if you’re in need of a warm cup of joe or even lifestyle dry goods, this new joint is a spot you’re going to love!

Community is extremely valuable to Daniel, and his food baby, The Ice Kitchen, and he wanted to create a place that was fun to gather together. The team is extremely dedicated to this new hot spot, so much so that during the dreaming process, Daniel and his friends visited all ice cream shops within a 30 mile radius of the ATL to see who was on the scene and what could be done to perfect the vision of this new ice cream shop.

Rolled ice cream has become a popular trend as of late, and it was in a highly rated rolled ice cream parlor on Yelp that Daniel’s vision started to unfold. He wanted to roll his own ice cream and use real espresso shots alongside other high quality ingredients to create his own flavors.

This summer, The Ice Kitchen dream is a reality! They are bringing their frozen roll ups to pop up shops all over the city and are excited to share their joy with all of you. The next pop up is this Friday, July 21st, from 1-7pm at the Chrome Yellow Trading Co located at 501 Edgewood Avenue. Can’t make this one? Check out their website here  for full details on upcoming events. Welcome to Atlanta Ice Kitchen! We know you’re going to feel the love! Comment below and let us know what you think about our friends at The Ice Kitchen!

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