The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom

published on July 7, 2017 by Bill Jamison - Jamison & Co.





The 4th of July is a special, summer holiday full of sparkle, tasty treats, time with loved ones, and all sorts of fun activities that only Independence Day can bring. It takes us on adventures near and far. It takes us to the ocean, the mountains, the lake, and it beckons us to get out and explore this beautiful country we get to call home!

As Americans, we have so much to be thankful for! We have an abundance of nature that we can explore with FREEDOM and the wind in our face, we are FREE to worship in our own special way, FREE to love how we choose to love, and FREE to be who we are and say what we feel. So many places in our wonderful world don't have these luxuries afforded to them.

People are persecuted for worshipping “the wrong way” every single day, they are punished for loving deeply when love is so much of what the world needs, they will never explore outside of their tiny villages, feel the wind on their face hiking up a gorgeous mountain to stand and admire the beauty before them.

With this week being that of the 4th, the Jamison & Company  team wants to say thank you! Thank you to every warrior currently fighting for our freedom. Thank you to those who have fought a hard fight and have lost their lives for us. Thank you to those who have lost parts of themselves because they love this great country so much! Love is deep, it is strong, it is brave, and it is what the world needs right now! Our soldiers are a perfect example of this love.

We are blessed to live in this indivisible nation. Full of liberty, justice, and abundance. Let's never forget those who have made our freedom a reality! We owe so much gratitude, and there will never be enough. The price they pay for our FREE way of life is too high to repay! Thank a soldier this week. Make them feel special and appreciated! From our family to yours- God bless America! Tell us of a special warrior in your life in the comments below.


Here are two extraordinary organizations who help our fallen/wounded soldiers and their families: Wounded Warrior ProjectFolds of Honor... Check them out today! 

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