We're Birthing a Podcast!

We're Birthing a Podcast!

published on February 11, 2020 by Bill Jamison - Jamison & Co.



Sex, Money & Real Estate Podcast has officially launched! 


What is it? It's a raw and empowering podcast giving real estate power couples the tools to increase their emotional and financial peace by using the J.A.M. Method™.


The “Sex, Money & Real Estate” podcast represents belief in the possibility of having J.oyous A.bundant M.ature intimate relationships which are in balance with your already successful real estate business, further empowering real estate couples to put J.A.M. on that bread!

The current societal patterns of powering thru, multitasking, busyness, maximization and overproduction are unsustainable!

Each week we openly share mindset practices, audacious personal habits, influential books and bold accountability structures that have worked and continue to influence the way we enjoy living our best life, revitalizing our body, mind and hearts.

In other words, we provide the energy, share stories and provide clarity that specialize in turning the Breakdowns into Breakthroughs effectively. 


Feedback - we love healthy & empowering feedback, feel free to connect w on Instagram or email us. THKU!


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