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A raw and empowering podcast giving real estate power couples the tools to increase their emotional and financial peace by using the J.A.M. Method™. The “Sex, Money & Real Estate” podcast represents belief in the possibility of having J.oyous A.bundant M.ature intimate relationships which are in balance with your already successful real estate business, further empowering real estate couples to put J.A.M. on that bread!

The current societal patterns of powering thru, multitasking, busyness, maximization and overproduction are unsustainable!

Each week we openly share mindset practices, audacious personal habits, influential books and bold accountability structures that have worked and continue to influence the way we enjoy living our best life, revitalizing our body, mind and hearts.

In other words, we provide the energy, share stories and provide clarity that specialize in turning the Breakdowns into Breakthroughs effectively.

Thank you so much for being here! Shall we begin?

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090: Why We Have Standards for All of Our Relationships
089: Excuse me...What is Phubbing?
088: Breakdown 2 Breakthrough: Tracey Knight Shares Her Story
087:  The 5 Don'ts of Borrowing Money to Purchase a Home
086: The G word: the Mother of All Habits (Rebroadcast)
085: 3 Things You Should Spend Your Money On
084: Breakdown 2 Breakthrough: Nina Edmonds Shares Her Story
083: Part 2, “You Got Paid, Now What?” How to Allocate Your Commission Check Like a Pro!
082: Checklist for Easy Prospecting Sessions
081: You Have Permission to Be Where You Are
080:  Part 1, How to Write, & Stick to, an Irregular or Fluctuating Budget
079: The Evolution of Our Orgasms
078: If You Can't Beat the Fear, Do It Scared!
077: Speed Doesn't Matter, Forward is Forward
076: How Six Flags & a 22 Year Marriage are a Match Made in Heaven
075: Why Do You Want To Live to 125 Years Old or More?
074: Breakdown 2 Breakthrough: Stacey S. Weiss Shares Her Story
073: How to Flip a Property Without Flipping Out
072:  A Story of the Hernia, Implants and Menopause 
071: How the One Night Stand Turned into a Love Story that Stands the Test of Time (Rebroadcast)
070: Healing is Not Linear (Rebroadcast)
069: How to Discover Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money
068: Creating a Life you Don't Have to Take a Vacation From
067:  Build a World Class Real Estate Team in 9 Straightforward Steps
066: Do You Feel Victim to Being an Entrepreneur?
065: 3 Strategies to Bring Clarity to Your Personal & Business Conversations
064: Codependent No More
063: Foundational Books that Transformed our Life & Continue to Do So (Rebroadcast)
062: What is Your Side Hustle?
061: The Sex Powered Solution to Being Dependent on Zillow Leads
060: Is it Possible to Minimize Burnout & Maximize Capacity?
059: F*uck, We're Seeing a Therapist!
058: Our 1 Year Podcast Anniversary & We Quit!!
057: Hitting Rock Bottom Sucks!
056: Real Estate 2020 Statistics & 2021 Market Prediction
055: The Power of Choice
054: Tips for Choosing Your 2021 Word of the Year
053: Is Being Late a Deal Breaker?
052: We Use Sexual Energy to Power Our Business
051: Proactive Healthcare for Real Estate Agents and Entrepreneurs
050: God Help Us, We Have Two Teenagers in the House!
049: Prospecting In Gratitude
048: The Ultimate Year-End Financial Review to Live Your Best Life
047: Taking a Solo Vacation: Is it Healthy or Selfish?
046: Abundant Love: The New Sexual Health
045: So You Want To Get Into Real Estate?
044: Are You Doing What You Love?
043: Introduction to Nancy & Bill's Emotional Maturity
042: Sex v. Intimacy & Why We Need Both! (Rebroadcast)
041: Why we chose to go into Bankruptcy. Wait...WHAT? (Rebroadcast)
040: Orgasmic Meditation-Its a Great Day to be Juicy! (Rebroadcast)
039: Know Your Love Languages
038: When to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
037:  Exercises to Raise Your Financial Thermostat
036: A Yoni, Yoni Eggs & Real Estate...How are They Related?
035: How to WIN a Multiple Offer Scenario in Today's Market
034: How Having a Mission Statement is Your North Star
033: 10 Symptoms YOU are in Denial
032: What Does it Mean to "Need a Break"?
031: Why are You Breaching Your Fiduciary Duty?
030: We are NOT For Everyone, So Who is Our Ideal Coaching Client?
029: How Having an Asshole for a Father Taught Me Valuable Life Lessons
028: Money Series: What to Invest in Today w/ Faye Sykes
027: Seven Years & No Itch!
026: Money Series: Weathering the Pandemic Storm w/ Faye Sykes
025: 14 Year Old Wisdom - Happy Birthday Rex!
024: Being A Sexy & Connected Mamapreneur w/ Nancy Jamison
023: Shifting from Scarcity Mentality to Abundance Mentality, What the Heck Does That Even Mean?
022: Strong As A Mother
021: Healing is Not Linear
020: Mirror, Mirror...on the Wall or Ceiling, Part 1
019: COVID-19 Support Series: Reintegration After The Quarantine Is Lifted with Erica James Strayhorn, LMFT
018: COVID-19 Support Series: Strengthening Intimate Relationships with Erica James Strayhorn, LMFT
017: COVID-19 Support Series: True Work Life Balance with Erica James Strayhorn, LMFT
016: Every 90 days, it's Game Day Baby!
015: How Intermittent Fasting Will Boost Your Real Estate Business
014: Reduce the Roller Coaster of Real Estate
013: Mega #StayAtHome Dating Ideas: Singles, Couples, Families
012: How to Create Empowering Circles & Environments for Success
011: How to Protect Yourself & Your Real Estate Business From Corona Virus
010: Hug Your Way to More Deals...in Business & the Bedroom!
009: Building a Sustainable Lifestyle, 1 Habit at a Time
008: We Work Together & Now You Want Us to Date Too??
007: How the One Night Stand Turned into a Love Story that Stands the Test of Time
006: Foundational Books that Transformed our Life & Continue to Do So
005: The G word: the Mother of All Habits
004: Sex v. Intimacy & Why you need BOTH!
003: Why Business Planning is Sexy as Hell & How To Do It
002: Why we chose to go into Bankruptcy. Wait...WHAT?
001: Orgasmic Meditation: Its a Great Day to be Juicy!